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Friday, March 6, 2009

Developer 401 Exam - Tips

The developer 401 Exam is geared toward people who do not know how to code as per say write a trigger or Visual Force Page. But does understand what the technical functions are in
So when you are preparing for this test, please do not worry about the code itself but worry about:
  • Security that is involved on the platform <== Refers to Groups, Roles, Profiles
  • Master/Detail/Lookup relationships
  • Junction Objects
  • relationship between Developer/Full Copy/Config sandbox and Production
  • Matrix Reports (similar to a Pivot table in Excel)
  • DataLoader
  • Import Wizard
  • Know all the Components(See pic below)
Basically go through the set Up area and you should know and understand everything that is there for this exam. Remember this exam does not test your code knowledge it is an exam to make sure you understand the technical side of things. It may seem like an Admin exam. You might say "I am not an admin". Well, every time when a developer gets a project, one must think of two things:

  1. Can it be done without code <== this is understand the functions of the App.
  2. If done in code then what would be affected, as in Relationships between objects, Reports, etc.
  3. A great book to help you study is by Siddhesh Kabe, by Packt Publishing named Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401)  

This book does have many per-exam questions to help you prepare.
I listed out the top 45 things to know/understand about the test...It is highly recommended that you know the technical functionality of all the functions on the Also, know the Apex Dataloader as well. (Note: These are notes not questions from the exam)
1.  ID's are identical in :
A. Production, full copy sandbox, developer
B. Production and full copy sandbox only
C. Production , developer

2.  If you want to look at trends in a report which report would you use:
A. Matrix
B. Summary

3.  If you want the a list of positions what dashboard would you use:
A. metric
B. table
C. chart
D. gauge

4.  how many master detail relationships can you have on an object:
A. 4
B. 2
C. 1
D. 3

5.  What would you use an apex trigger for...
A. have a zip code object and in the city and state of the 
candidate position to check the zip code table and see if that 
city exist in the state
B. create new record, have it update a field

6.  What is a Mini page layout or related list?

7.  Know everything about an external id.

8.  Know the ins and out of the search component on the side bar

9. What versions have apex and vf both active:

10. For the user object what can you do in the page layout:
A. custom link
B. inline vf page
C. custom button
D. custom field 
11. A CEO does not want to log into but would 
like see the dashboards.
How would one accomplish this? How would one set this up?

12. When one wants to lock the records:
A. is this process automated
B. One needs to choose this option when doing an approval process.

13. Profiles and what do they give access to?

14. Sharing and revoking grant access

15. The import wizard and user object

16. metadata api

17. What represents the view in MVC

18. Organization wide defaults

19. Public read/write, public read only

20. If the approval process sents out 3 emails simultaneously Slide 1to managers.
What is the next step in the approval process and how does it get to
the next step?

21. Parent child relationship

22. Many many relationship

23. Manager wants to give access to data reporting to his team
what access is required for this to happen:
A. reports, dashboard folder
B. reports dashboard user running

24. Encrypted field not good for :

25. Workflow rules

26. Today()-Datevalue(CreatedDate)

27. For approval process what groups can you have:
A. profiles
B. roles and subordinates
C. active team members

28. Org wide defaults / hierarchy turned off

29. Page Layout can you add inline vf

30. Record types

31. Is there such a thing called mini-pagelayout

32. Who can change the owner of a record

33. How does a developer test out the time trigger workflow rule
does he do it through:
A. debug log.
B. sign in as the developer name, create new record, 
go to the time trigger queue

34. Creating a Lookup relationship

35. What are the three actions for a workflow process the beginning steps

36. Do you give permissions to submit for approval button,
Or is it added on automatically?

37. Dataloader: 50,000 more records at a time. True or False

38. Developer used dataloader and try to load into sandbox 
but had an issue had authentication issue
What could it be:
A. Password encryption
B. Check username
C. Check endpoint

39. What is a Declarative interface?

40. What is localize and internationalize?

41. What does out of the box salesforce give you?
A. data warehouse
B. approval process
C. workflow rules
D. validation rules

42. Know this page.Inside out.

43. Apex Dataloader and Import wizard through
For Apex Dataloader Go Into:
Setup|Administrative Setup|Data Management| DataLoader (See Below)

I hope this helps future developers who will be taking this exam..
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