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Tuesday, March 20, 2018


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Friday, July 22, 2016

The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID 301P0000000D7My. Contact your administrator for help.

Hi All,

Ever run into an error that does not seem to make sense even though it provides the ID and you take that ID place it into the salesforce URL and it brings up nothing. This is the scenario especially when your Flow/Process builder breaks and it provides an error such as this:

"The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID 301P0000000D7My.  Contact your administrator for help."

The ID is not really the ID for the Flow or process builder. To find that out we have to do a little bit of work and here is how:

Navigate to Setup, and in quick search on left hand side type in "Flows"  as so in the screenshot below:

Open up any flow,  By clicking Open next to the flow.

Now in the URL, the last part where there is a salesforce ID, place the ID giving in your error and hit enter, Once you hit enter, it will navigate you to the correct flow and from there you can deactivate it and re-look at why is it failing.

 Hope this helps Enjoy...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Unable to fetch organization details in Eclipse for Salesforce Error


Tech Scenario: 
As a CRM/Salesforce developer it is key that you have access to eclipse IDE, to write code, debug it, delete it etc. Recently, I installed Kepler version of IDE onto my org and myself and other team members had issues with one error every time we tried to connect to Salesforce Production.

We tried looking for an answer and it always came down to setting up the network connections for proxy and such. This is not always the case.

This is the error we received when we tried to connect to Salesforce Production or even a DEV Edition org.


It is not always the proxy you need to check it is the version of the IDE that you installed within Eclipse.

Let's uninstall it and go down to a better version which is compatible with Prod orgs.

  1. Check the version of IDE you have:
  • Navigate to Help ==> About Eclipse within Eclipse IDE
  • From the About Eclipse UI click on Installation Details (Please see screenshot below)

  • Once you click on Installation Details, you will see what has been installed within your eclipse IDE where you would find IDE and the version.  As you see my screenshot I currently have 36.0 for Force.come IDE and IDE Debugger.    
  • Holding down the CTRL key if Window user (on Mac it would be COMMAND Key), select both IDE installations and Click on Uninstall on the bottom.
  • It will have you confirm that you want to uninstall this, click on Finish, After wards it will Restart Eclipse IDE.
  • Now, we need to re-install IDE, I utilized the IDE installation guide from salesforce, there is one important step missing.
  • Navigate within Eclipse to Help==>Install New Software, Click on Add
    • Please place in the Name and Location as it is specified within the IDE installation guide, for today on 2/3/2016 it states as Location to be:
    • After you have placed in your information and Click Add, IDE comes up. Please on this screen, click off the check box to false where it states "Show only the latest version of available software".
    • This would bring up all of the versions of IDE, please select the version you like to install something lower then what you previously had. I installed Version 33.0.
    •  Click Next, go through the Installation process and try to reconnect, this time it should work.
PS - If proxy is an issue after this install then navigate within eclipse to  
Windows ==> Preferences, 
Click on General==> Network Settings==> Select Manual instead of Native. 

Hope this helps

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lookup Field is on Page Layout but Users can not see it???

Hi everyone:


I got an email, where the User can not view this one field which is a lookup to another object within the current object but yet the had the following:
  1. FLS- Field Level Security - the field was visible to there profile
  2. It was on the page layout that was assigned to there profile
  3. Even checked the Accessibility Access within the field and it was required.
So then what can be the issue?



The reason they can not see that field even with all the permissions there... The User's profile does not have access to that related object that field is looking up to.

So navigate to the user profile, go to the object that the lookup refers to and provide it read access or whatever your business requires to have access to.

Go back to the page log under that user and they now should see the field and everything should work properly....

Hope this helps
Zishan R

Monday, August 19, 2013

Field Integrity Exception - When trying to set Use Standard Price to True on Product via Dataloader

Hi all:
As an admin, I recieved a request to have all products within a particular Pricebook to utilize the Standard Price.

When you try to update the USESTANDARDPRICE checkbox field in Salesforce via. Apex Dataloader for that product within that pricebook, you get an error:
"Field Integrity Exception"...

Because when you try to do it thru Apex Dataloader, you have to update the price as well as updating that checkbox.

Picture it out:
I will walk thru the Manual Way and then thru Dataloader:

Manual Way:

1. Click on the Product Tab
2. Choose the Pricebook and click on Go

3. You will see a list of all your products under that pricebook.

4. If you select a product and Click on Edit, you can change the setting of that product to utilize the Standard Price and click save it will save. Which means everytime an user selects this product it will utilize the Standard Price automatically.

As you can see the List Price is now grayed out and the list price has changed or been overrides by the Standard Price once that is checked.

This done is the Manual Way but what happens if you have 1500 or more products then what...

Apex Dataloader way:

1. Export all the data from the PricebookEntry object for just the Standard Price Book.

a) Make sure you check off "Show all Salesforce objects"
b) Select Price Book Entry Object
c) Name this file "PricebookEntryStandardPriceBook.csv"
d) Click Next



2. Now time for our SOQL Query:
You can Select each field or copy and paste this SOQL query into the query box:

Select Id, Name, Pricebook2Id, Pricebook2.Name, Product2Id, Product2.Name, CurrencyIsoCode, UnitPrice, IsActive, UseStandardPrice FROM PricebookEntry where Pricebook2id='00B50000005ZRbX' and IsDeleted=False

NOTE:*****Pricebook2id='00B50000005ZRbX' <== This is my Standard Pricebook Id, you can get this id off from a report or Manage Pricebooks or thru the URL of the Pricebook record you are on.

Click on Finish and done exporting out all Standard Pricebook.

Now we need to Repeat these steps for the Pricebook you would need to update.
Remember to name the CSV file a different name
and Update the Pricebook2Id within the SOQL

Now, you can do this in access and run a query to update the UnitPrice to the pricebook affected from the standard pricebook or use Excel via VLookup..

What needs to be done is:
 1. Open your StandardPricebook csv
 2. Open your "Otherpricebook" csv
 3. Update the UnitPrice on the "Otherpricebook" to match the StandardPricebook Unit Price and Set the UseStandardPrice checkbox to True on the products that need to be updated.
4. Once done and you are comfortable, then it ready to Update via. Apex Dataloader.
5. The mapping of fields would be similar to this screenshot:

a) Make sure you check off "Show all Salesforce objects"
b) Select Price Book Entry Object
c) Make sure you select the correct file to "Update"

This is the way to update UseStandardPrice checkbox via Dataloader.

Hope this helps
Zishan R.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unsupported Operation - Unable to Save Report???

Hi everyone:
Been a long time, well just had a recent incident with one of my users that had this special error come up when trying to save a report:

"Unsupported Operation
You don't have access to perform that operation. Contact the record owner or your administrator."

 Message does not tell you that much, you would think they do not have access to read another person's record or something. But it is not the case.

The answer is:
Manage Public Reports checkbox on the User's Profile is Inactive.

Once you check that, the save button appears for them and they are able to save the record. Before this they only had the Save As button.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

How to get Started on Salesforce

Hi everyone:
   Welcome back.
Many people have asked me numerous times on -"How do i get started on Salesforce?", "What should i know about it?". So I thought instead of me giving the same answer over and over again, I would outline it for you here on my blog.

So here is the solution to your inquiry:
  • First, you need to go to if you never been there. examine it.
  • If you have been there, lets get into the tool itself:
    • Go to Developer Force . This is the key/core of you learning Salesforce from A to Z.
      • Developer force - has the latest news and upcoming events for administrators and developers of the system. It also contains the following sections:
        • Technical Library - All great documentation and workbooks are here
        • Live Webinar information on the next release.
        • Latest Featured Content - what is the top featured being released.
        • Upcoming Events - Cloudforce/Dreamforce, etc.
    • Go thru the steps and sign up. This will provide you the ability have your own instance/org. A developer version but still can do many things. 
  • Once you have your org. Log in. you can do that by going here:

  • Before getting started in your org it is always good to know what server you are on (just in case Salesforce is doing maintenance or it goes down).
    • The URL tells you what server you are on once you log into your developer org. For example for me it "NA3".
    • If salesforce is doing maintenance or updates, you can check the status of your server by going here. Trust
      • Workbooks - the best source of info to start you off with developing in your new org.
        • It will provide you steps on all the basics you would need such as:
          • how to create new objects
          • how to create /modify fields
          • how to create workflow rules
          • how to create validation rules
          • how to create email templates 
          • how to create formula fields
          • how to get started on writing code
        • The rest are for more advance and once you get thru workbooks then i suggest getting started on that.

  • Other useful links that an admin/developer/BA/PM should know about the system:
    • AppExchange - a marketplace for plugins or apps to install onto Salesforce natively. Some are free and some need to be paid for. 
      • Some great apps that have helped me in the past that could be installed onto your developer box and your instance are:
        • Field Trip - A great app to determine if fields in your object has data or not. great way to clean up.
        • Duplicate Catcher - Great tool for initial deduping
        • DupeBlocker - Amazing tool from Demand tools for deduping.
    • Ideas Exchange - If you see anything or have a great idea that would make Salesforce even greater then it is make a suggestion and have the community vote for it on Ideas Exchange.
  • DataLoader - You need this to insert/ update/ upsert(mix of insert and update)/ delete/ export records for salesforce. Its free and it is part of your developer org. Comes with the system. See screenshot on the left.

  • Salesforce Channel  - If you like videos to learn Salesforce, 401 and 501 classes and other related videos are located here at the Salesforce Channel .
  • Help & Training - Within your developer org and or if you have unlimited edition in your company's org, you have access to great videos by clicking Help & Training link next to your name which would pop open a window for submitting cases directly to salesforce support or getting your e learning on for Salesforce. 
  • Salesforce Blog - A great way to see blogs created by Salesforce on new features, videos, e-learning, etc.
  • Discussion Board - If you ever are stuck with any of the functionality or need help with formula field or even code, go to the Discussion Board. (also if your looking for a job or side work there is a Job Board for that as well).
  •  Salesforce Certifications - If you like to get certified in salesforce this is the best place to go and learn what certs are out there and get started on setting up the exam.
  • ForcePrepare - a great way to learn about the certs also a great blog on
  • Jeff Douglas - Technology, Coding etc. - a great source of information for advance developers.
Thank you
Hope this helps.