Authored by Zishan Razzaq

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Unable to fetch organization details in Eclipse for Salesforce Error


Tech Scenario: 
As a CRM/Salesforce developer it is key that you have access to eclipse IDE, to write code, debug it, delete it etc. Recently, I installed Kepler version of IDE onto my org and myself and other team members had issues with one error every time we tried to connect to Salesforce Production.

We tried looking for an answer and it always came down to setting up the network connections for proxy and such. This is not always the case.

This is the error we received when we tried to connect to Salesforce Production or even a DEV Edition org.


It is not always the proxy you need to check it is the version of the IDE that you installed within Eclipse.

Let's uninstall it and go down to a better version which is compatible with Prod orgs.

  1. Check the version of IDE you have:
  • Navigate to Help ==> About Eclipse within Eclipse IDE
  • From the About Eclipse UI click on Installation Details (Please see screenshot below)

  • Once you click on Installation Details, you will see what has been installed within your eclipse IDE where you would find IDE and the version.  As you see my screenshot I currently have 36.0 for Force.come IDE and IDE Debugger.    
  • Holding down the CTRL key if Window user (on Mac it would be COMMAND Key), select both IDE installations and Click on Uninstall on the bottom.
  • It will have you confirm that you want to uninstall this, click on Finish, After wards it will Restart Eclipse IDE.
  • Now, we need to re-install IDE, I utilized the IDE installation guide from salesforce, there is one important step missing.
  • Navigate within Eclipse to Help==>Install New Software, Click on Add
    • Please place in the Name and Location as it is specified within the IDE installation guide, for today on 2/3/2016 it states as Location to be:
    • After you have placed in your information and Click Add, IDE comes up. Please on this screen, click off the check box to false where it states "Show only the latest version of available software".
    • This would bring up all of the versions of IDE, please select the version you like to install something lower then what you previously had. I installed Version 33.0.
    •  Click Next, go through the Installation process and try to reconnect, this time it should work.
PS - If proxy is an issue after this install then navigate within eclipse to  
Windows ==> Preferences, 
Click on General==> Network Settings==> Select Manual instead of Native. 

Hope this helps


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