Authored by Zishan Razzaq

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Organization-Wide Email Addresses - Addressed

A workflow rule had an email alert that the users were getting with my email address as me being the sender so the from box.
Even when the workflow rule email alert states current email address that it comes from.
The users wanted it coming from a special mailbox that was set up for them.
The way to resolve this by Organization-Wide Email Addresses.

 1. You must establish a from email address first.
Go to Setup | Administration Setup | Email Administration | Organization-Wide Email Addresses


2. Click Add button, Fill out the Display Name, Email Address and select either all profiles can utilize this email within the email alerts or only selected profiles. I have selected all profiles.
3. Once you click on Save,  it will send out a verification email to make sure that the email is valid. You shall see the message within the Status box, just as so:

4. If this is for the business, the owner of that mailbox needs to validate the email by clicking out the link. Once verified they will get a thank you message just like so:

5. Once Verified, the Status will change to "Verified".

6. Now you can go into the workflow rule, Email alert and utilize this email for the from Email Address Dropdown.

That is it...
Hope this helps
Zishan R.

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