Authored by Zishan Razzaq

Friday, October 22, 2010


   Business Unit uses IE more then Mozilla Firefox for use. IE needs special settings to support salesforce.

"In general: recommends using Firefox 3.0 for best performance. For configuration recommendations, see Configuring Firefox.

Microsoft® Internet Explorer versions 7.0 and 8.0 (If you are using IE 6.0, I recommend that you upgrade to a newer version) strongly recommends using Internet Explorer version 8.0 over version 7.0.  Apply all Microsoft® hotfixes. For configuration recommendations, see Configuring Internet Explorer.

Apple® Safari version 3
Supported on Windows XP,Windows Vista, and Mac OS X version 10.4 and later. There are no browser setting recommendations for Safari.

Important: For all browsers you must enable JavaScript, cookies, and SSL 3.0.

Certain features in the Salesforce online application as well as some desktop clients, toolkits, and adapters have their own browser requirements. For example:
" Internet Explorer is the only supported browser for the standard mail merge feature.
" Internet Explorer is the only supported browser when installing Salesforce Mobile on a Windows Mobile device.
" Internet Explorer is the only supported browser for Connect Offline.
" Safari is not supported for the Salesforce CRM Call Center CTI Toolkit.

Refer to the documentation for those products for specific information. Other requirements can be found in Salesforce System Requirements.

Internet Explorer settings

1.  Make sure the following IE8 Internet options are selected
Tools | Internet Options:

General Tab
1. From the General tab, click Settings under Browsing History
2. For the Check for newer versions of stored pages option, select "every time I visit the webpage".
3. For the Disk space to use option, enter at least 50 MB.

Security Tab
1. From the Security tab, click Custom Level under Internet and scroll to the Scripting section.
2. Make sure the Active Scripting option is enabled. JavaScript depends on this setting being enabled.

Privacy Tab
1. From the Privacy tab, click Advanced.
2. Select the Override automatic cookie handling option.
3. Select the Always allow session cookies option.

Advanced Tab
From the Advanced tab, scroll to the Security section and do the following:
Do not select
the Do not save encrypted pages to disk option.
2. Select the Use SSL 3.0 option.

Tip: The Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed option causes the cache to clear when Internet Explorer is shut down. This increases privacy, but may decrease performance.

Mozilla Firefox version 3.0

Configuring Firefox
Available in: All Editions
For best performance, recommends using the Mozilla Firefox 3.0 browser.

The following settings are required:
1. Click Tools | Options.
2. Enable JavaScript:
   a. Go to the Content panel.
   b. Select the Enable JavaScript and Enable Java options.
3. Accept cookies:
   a. Go to the Privacy panel.
   b. Select the Accept Cookies from sites option.
   c. For the Keep until option, select they expire.
4. Set encryption protocols: 
   a. Go to the Advanced panel.
   b. Click the Encryption tab.
   c. Select the Use SSL 3.0 option.
5. Click OK.

Advanced Settings
Optionally, configure advanced caching preferences to maximize performance:
1. Type "about: config" in the browser's location bar, and then press Enter.
2. If a warning displays, "click I'll be careful, I promise!"
3. Search for the following preferences and set them to the recommended value by double-clicking the preference name. Changes take effect immediately.
4. Change how the browser retains common resources across requests by setting the following caching preferences.

Preference                                                    Recommended Value                          Default Value
browser.cache.check_doc_frequency                           3                                                     3

browser.cache.disk.capacity                   50,000 or more; increase to                           50,000
                                                use more hard disk space

browser.cache.disk.enable                                       True                                                True

browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl                                 True                                                False

browser.cache.memory.enable                                 True                                                 True

network.http.use-cache                                               True                                                 True

Note: You can set some of these preferences by clicking Tools € Options in the Firefox browser. Refer to Firefox Help for details.

Tip: Setting privacy.sanitize.sanitize On Shutdown to "true" causes the cache to clear when Firefox shuts down. This increases privacy, but may decrease performance.

To view the contents of your cache, type "about:cache" in the Firefox location bar and press Enter.

Refer to Mozilla Zine Knowledge Base and Firefox Support Home Page for more information on these and other preferences."