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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Salesforce Interview Questions - Developers

  A while back I posted Salesforce Interview Questions for Administrators, well now its time for developers and choosing the correct one that knows salesforce and the infrastructure is key to your organization.
So here we go:
  1. Give a reason for the Error that states "To many SOQL Queries: 21"? 
    1. Too many SOQL queries: 21 Error in  
    2. Basically the For Loop or the trigger or class it is not built for doing more then 20 queries at once and it is hitting the governance limits.
  2. Give all the Actions for a Trigger in
    1. Insert
    2. Update
    3. Delete
  3. Can you write a test class within a Trigger? True/False
    1. False
  4. What is the difference between and trigger.old?
    1. returns new versions or records for the Sobject.
    2. Trigger.old returns old records or existing records for the SObject
  5. What is SOQL?
    1. The SQL Language for Salesforce Object Query Language
  6. What is SOSL?
    1. The SQL language for in regards to Search Functionality. Salesforce Object Search Language 
  7. What is the main difference between List and Set?
    1. List contains Duplicates
    2. Sets do not contain duplicates
  8. Describe a Junction Object.
    1. Junction Object is when an object has 2 master detail relationships.
  9. Tell me ways of deploying Apex Code into Production from Sandbox.
    1. ANT Tool
    2. Eclipse
    3. Change Sets
  10. Do picklist dependencies follow through onto the Visual Force code or is there a special tag for it within the code?
    1. Picklist Dependencies are now part of Visualforce and no special code is required.
  11. How do you get a static URL for Salesforce, and why would you want that?
    1. To connect to salesforce from the API, an API Login should be issued to:
      ( for version 21).
      On Success - server Url and session ID will be returned.
    2. Static URL can be used for in Webservices API to connect to an endpoint.
    3. Take the Salesforce Server that your instance is on and append "" Of Course the 21.0 is the Version that salesforce is running at the time.
  12. How one knows how to get the server that your instance is on?
    1. Once one logs into Salesforce look at the URL and the first 3 characters is the server you are on. For example, "cs3" is the server that my instance is on.
  13. What do you need for webservices API?
    1. WSDL
  14. What is the difference between Enterprise WSDL and Partner WSDL?
    1. Enterprise WSDL has all the metadata and functions provided for the org. So if a field attribute or object is changed or added, one must re-generate the WSDL to update the file.
    2. Partner WSDL - the developer has to do all the leg work up front and then if a field is added or object is changed or added, you do not have to re-generate the WSDL. It reflects on the WSDL with all changes. Mostly the developer would add it to his or her code. Plus you are utilizing SObjectDescribe() more.
  15. Which standard object in Salesforce is a junction Object?****** Awesome and tricky question.
More to Come... If you have experienced questions in your interviews or if you interviewed someone please leave a comment... Helps everyone out...
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