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Sunday, July 8, 2012

SLA - Service Level Agreement Case Times

     Business wants to know the following:
  1. How many hours a case has been open?
  2. How many days a case been open?
All for SLA - Service Level Agreement amongst the business units who you support.

We can utilize many methods, I will list out number of hours a case been open and number of days a case been open.

"DATEVALUE" <== a formula method that "Creates a date from its datetime or text representation"

To get the number of hours a case been open, we will not utilize "DateValue" but just common mathematical formula.
Let's say the 2 fields we are utilizing are CreatedDate and LastModifiedDate

Knowing there are 24 hours in a day worldwide... lets use that:

(24* (LastModifiedDate - CreatedDate  ))

 This formula will give you the number of hours between the 2 fields.

The Number of Days a Case been open:

Let's say you are utilizing a formula field which based on the type of case that comes in counts off the number of days SLA should meet for that case.

Lets say for "User Profile Change" type of case that comes in, the number of days to get back to the user is 1 day.

Field: SLA Expectations | SLA_Expectations__c | Attribute - Number (2,0) | Formula

Formula is:
IF(Type='User Profile Change',1,0)

Now we will use that field to figure out if the SLA was met or was it over 1 day.

Create another formula field named: SLA | SLA__c | Attribute - Number (2,0)

Formula is:
(DATEVALUE (CreatedDate) + SLA_Expectations__c) - TODAY()

This shall give you the result you need to figure out SLA which you can then set up an escalation rule to send out an email to the manager of operations let say that SLA was not met.

Great for reporting purposes as well :)

Thank you everyone
Hope this helped

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