Authored by Zishan Razzaq

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Queues & Supported Objects

   A very quick Blog on Queues and Supported Objects.

   Admins have to create queues that are related to an object. This object must have its own queues to work.

   The object has a Master-Detail relationship field on it.

   Let say you have 2 objects:
Object 1: "ABC"
Object 2: "DEF"

On Object 2: "DEF" you create a Master-Detail Relationship field to ABC.
When you go to create a queue for the object "DEF", the Supported Object WILL NOT come up in the "Available Object" list. Supported Object is a required control when creating a Queue.

The reason of why "DEF" object will not show within the list of Supported Objects is because of the Master Detail Relationship Field on the object itself.
This makes this object a detail to the parent and as we know detail objects takes the parent traits, such as Sharing Rules.
In this particular Case it does not get the same privileges as the Master for Queues.

   If a queue is really needed for this object, change the master-detail relationship to a Lookup and you can now create custom queues for this object.

Some tips on creating Queues:

  • Click Your Name | Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Queues.

 Click New and start creating your queue.
Thank you
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