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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Field Trip - Field Analysis Made Easy

Welcome back...
  I had to figure out a way to do field analysis for a cleanup project. What this means is that, for object and each field and each record I had to figure out which fields we utilize the most and what fields do not get utilize anymore because of business changes, management changes, merges, etc.
I started to do my own analysis, the way to start is download/export all the data for one object and include ALL fields.
Then get the total records and then eliminate the null values, it was just hard.
Now usually I do not promote products on my blogs and keep them business scenario driven. But this is something that would save time and effort especially when your at the stage of cleaning up your instance and making it more clearer.

Finally, I found this great app on the appexchange which saved me lots of pain staking work and just made a big difference in my field analysis.
The app is "Field Trip" and its by a company named Qandor which is a vendor.
Basically, so you install this into your sandbox or production instance. Very easy installation.

Once it is setup, you create an app or include it in your app. Go to the tab Labeled "Field Trip" .
Click on New Field Trip.
You will get the following screen:
Place in your name of your field Trip Analysis
Then choose and object from the picklist
Then finally you can filter out the analysis for specific recordtype which I did here or Account Name or anything or if you like everything then do not place in a criteria.
Hit Save and it will bring you to the next page which is:
Now click on Analyze Button. It will bring you to this screen.
Then click on Begin Analysis. It will start off the job and once the job is done it will email you with your analysis.
Your Finish field analysis will look like this:

A couple of things, when you first hit Begin Analysis Button and go back to the Field Trip. You will automatically see all the fields come up and the Populated On (%) will come up "#Error!" ... Do not be alarmed. This is still being processed.
When you install Field Trip a special Report Type is created so you can do reports off it. It is located under "Other Reports" and you will see 3 Field Trip Reports:
  1. Field Trip
  2. Field Trip with Field Analyses
  3. Field Trip Histroy
See Screenshot

Well, that's it...
Hope you enjoy this and please let me know your feedback.
Click here to go to Field Trip App.
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