Authored by Zishan Razzaq

Friday, April 8, 2011

View Setup Audit Trail

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   When you manage a team, which has more then 1 admins, it is very easy to play the blame game of who did what, who deleted what and things like this.
Well, instead of going crazy and having admins go at it with each other, there is a solution and its great to catch the culprit.

The best solution is within called View Setup Audit Trail.
This was a life saver in which we found out who deleted a Value from a picklist field.

Salesforce admins on your team should have visibility into who deleted values/changed values/deleted objects/fields/everything dealing with salesforce by logging into Salesforce and navigating to:

“Name|  Setup | Security Controls – View Setup Audit Trail”

There you can download the setup audit trail for the past 6 months. Go through the log and find out who was the real culprit..

Hope this helps everyone.

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